National Data Opt-Out

What is the National Data Opt Out?
The National Data Opt-Out allows patients to opt out of their confidential information being
used beyond their direct care for certain research and planning purposes.
What does it apply to?
The national data opt-out applies to the use of confidential patient information for certain
types of national research and planning purposes.
What data is not covered by this opt-out choice?

  • data that is shared for your individual care
  • where there is a risk to public health or data is required for monitoring and control of
    infectious diseases, for example during pandemic
  • there is an overriding public interest, for example: the reporting of gun wounds in line
    with GMC guidance
  • here is a legal requirement to share information, for example: the investigations by
    regulators of professionals (eg General Medical Council) investigating a registered
    doctor’s fitness to practice
  • NHS fraud investigations
  • notification of food poisoning
  • you have consented to take part in a specific project, including practice based
  • where anonymised data is used.
    What are we doing at Modality Partnership about the National Data Opt Out?
    We have updated privacy notices to reflect the introduction of the National Data Opt out.
  • We have displayed posters and distributed information leaflets
  • We have updated our Privacy Policy
  • We have reviewed how we use your information to see if this is affected by the
    National Data Opt Out
  • We have provided support and assistance to our staff to understand what this is
    Does the opt out apply to data that is being used across Modality Partnership?
    The National Data Opt out does not apply to data held at Modality Partnership. Our records
    and processing of data do not identify any data flows which are impacted by this.
    You have a choice
    If you are happy for your confidential patient information to be used for national research and
    planning, you do not need to do anything.
    If you do not want your confidential patient information to be used for national research and
    planning, you can choose to opt out securely via one of the below options:
    To make a choice for yourself a child under the age of 13 or someone else: sending the appropriate forms via post to ‘National Data Opt Out, Contact Centre,
    NHS Digital. HM Government, 7 and 8, Wellington Place, Leeds, LS1 4AP’ or via email
    [email protected]
    Via the NHS App: IOS or Android
    Telephone: NHS Digital Contact Centre phone number: 0300 303 5678 – Monday to Friday,
    9am to 5pm (excluding bank holidays)
    To opt out you must:
  • be aged 13 or older
  • have access to your email or mobile phone
  • have your NHS number or your postcode registered with your GP surgery
    Remember: You can change your mind about your choice at any time.
    Further information
    To find out more about the benefits of data sharing, how data is protected, or to
    make/change your opt-out choice visit:
    NHS Digital Information Standard DCB3058 Compliance with National Data Opt outs
    Modality Partnership Privacy Notice: